Do photo sessions stress you out? Buffalo Family Photographer

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Here’s Why They Shouldn’t

If you’re feeling anxious about your upcoming photo session, don’t worry it’s completely normal! Before booking an in-home session, it’s common to have concerns. A few things that might be on your mind are:

  1. Will my family cooperate?
  2. Will the everyday “mess” be in every image?
  3. How will my house photograph
  4. What will we do during our in home family session?
  5. What will we wear?
  6. Will Emily even be able to get any “good” images?

I can relate, from being both in front of and behind the camera, I can see how all of these questions might stress you out.  I’ll go ahead and be honest and admit I worried about all those things before my first photo session with my family.  My daughter Harper was only 6 months old and had outgrown the outfit I wanted her to wear right before. Her belly ended up hanging out in half the pictures! I had spent hours online trying to find the perfect outfits that would complement each other’s without feeling too matchy-matchy. 

Also, my husband seemed incredibly concerned about it all ahead of time too, which only led to me being more nervous… oh, did I mention that he also hit up our photographer in advance so that he could surprise me with my marriage proposal?!?! But that story is for another day though, so let’s get back to you.

What should you do before your session

  1. It’s just me coming over, not your mother-in law. Have your house tidy but remember it’s an every day clean it doesn’t have to be a spotless showcase. 
  2. Fill out your questionnaire and we will figure out what you will (and will not do) during your session together.
  3. Pick something comfortable to wear and let the kids do the same.  I promise even if they wear that same dress they’ve tattered on the bottom you will love having it to look back on one day. Just remember nothing white, and nothing with characters on it and you’ll be good to go.
  4. Leave the task of capturing authentic photos and films to me.  I am great with husbands and kids alike.
  5. I promise you are in good hands. Even if you feel like your family is super boring or super crazy, it’s nothing I can’t handle.  And while it is rare, I have been known to come back if your baby/young toddler is just really having a bad day.  I will not do that for husbands with a bad attitudes, but so far it has never been necessary either.

Now that only leaves one thing for you to do to make your families craziest, most fun everyday moments to turn them into permanent memories.