Buffalo Photographer – 5 Things To Do At Your Family Film Session

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You’re Not Sure What to do for your upcoming Buffalo, NY Family Film Session

Don’t worry I have 5 wonderful ideas for you:

#1 Baking or Cooking

Making a meal or baking. They say the kitchen is the heart of the home and I couldn’t agree more. I always encourage my mom’s to pull out an old family recipe that they loved making with their mom or grandma and making time for it for their film.

#2 Play a Game

Playing a board game as a family.  Trouble anyone? At least that is our go to family favorite. We still scream out SIX! With excitement for each time it gets popped! Who doesn’t love getting an extra turn. We also take our card playing very seriously in this house and when the deck comes out, so does our competitiveness with one another. Or when was the last time you pulled out the game of life! No one plays life and doesn’t have a good time. What are some of your favorite family board games?

#3 Hang Out In The Yard

Backyard fun. It’s April here in Buffalo, NY and we are all geared up to get outside and enjoy these nice days. We throw the football around, play soccer, grab the trusty old ball and glove (can you tell we’re a sports loving family), but we also lay out the blanket and have lunch outside, read with one another and just enjoy the sunshine.

#4 Have a Dance Party

Dance party. When my kids were toddlers, we had daily dance parties! Sometimes you just have to get the wiggles out and they looked forward to it everyday.

Cheery couple dancing with little daughter barefoot on wooden laminate floor with underfloor heating system in modern warm living room. New home, bank loan and lending, hobby and fun with kids concept

#5 Pull Out The Arts & Crafts

Arts and crafts. Finger painting, watercolors, beads, origami, the list is endless. My daughters personal favorite has always been drawing pictures and then writing stories about what she had drawn. 

There you have it! Five things to do at your next documentary style session in Buffalo, NY. Through photographs and family films, I can help take you back to these exact moments that will once be a thing of the past. You can go back and revisit them whenever you’d like.