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Buffalo Family Film – February 2024

When I was contacted by this homeschooling mom of four for a family film, I was so excited about the opportunity to capture a day in their life. The kids were all finally school aged and she wanted to remember the days just as they are now. She wanted her film to be natural, without having anything contrived during the process. If you’re from Buffalo, NY you know that the weather can be fickle. It can be a blizzard one day and the next day you’re wondering if spring has arrived and is here to stay. We were luck enough on this February day in Western New York that Mother Nature decided it was supposed to be the perfect day for sweatshirts and rain boots.

I regularly checked the weather channel the day before and it called for rain early in the morning. As you already might know, the weathermen here are often wrong. It was beautiful and sunny all morning and an overcast sky during the afternoon (a photographer’s dream!).

The kids spent their morning as they typically do while homeschooling, working on their math facts and history lessons. When it was time for lunch the younger girls cooked the most amazing pancakes with blueberries. After lunch the girls took their guinea pigs outside to build them their very own forest out of twigs and leaves. Their imagination brought me right back to being a little girl and having a similar love for nature.  After the older kids were done with their assignments, we moved to the front yard for a basketball game. 

It was an honor to meet this sweet family and capture their every day moments for them.